I am so over this challenge, but- bright side! It was Dr. Sketchy’s Day.


Today I got down to the real nitty gritty of being a performer… practice.

Today you get a video of another day’s finished product. Be grateful… you’ll be lucky if I make it to Day 30.

Day 21: Finally posted the video I have been working on, scheduled it up for Social media and am rapidly losing interest in completing this Challenge…

Today I finished that sparkly menace that has been the Rhinestone Bra… Then I didn’t want to do another blessed thing, including not wanting to take a picture of it. So I am NOT taking a picture of it. Well, not today. I would rather model it than take one more picture off the side […]

This is a day I did the least amount of work possible but to a good effect, still.

Day 18: Where I go on a small rant about copyright & intellectual property.