Summarizing my Rhinestone Journey…

So… Nose to the Rhinestone March 2017 Summary.

Things I learned:

-I DO NOT LIKE to be forced to spend time on my Art every day. The way I do Art is not the way I do work. Work is every day… Art is proportionate to how my life is going at the moment. Sometimes, my Art is a doodle on a napkin with crayon at a restaurant. Sometimes that is all I can manage between everything else going on in my life. There are other days when I can spend 12 hours doing the Artistic endeavors that I love.

I don’t want to equate my Art flow with the same feelings that my Work flow gives me.

This challenge forced me, after about ten days, to think about Art like Work… “well, I HAVE to go spend 30 minutes doing something Artistic now… I don’t really have time to, but I HAVE to.” Same as work. Same as being made to do something you’re not inspired to do.

Didn’t like it.

-I’m not blaming the challenge but I think I was less productive because of it. I think that on days when I had hours and hours I could’ve spent on certain projects, I didn’t because I was sick of looking at them by that point. Like the case of the rhinestone bra. There were a couple of days when I could’ve sat down and finished that thing, but I was so tired of hauling out all of my equipment and setting it up to get started that when I finally had more than 30mins… I didn’t want to look at it any more.

-In the future, I think I will just continue to do my own work in my own time. If that means that I can’t touch anything dance, theatre, Art, Burlesque or otherwise creative-related for DAYS… then so be it. Because eventually there will be a day when I can spend six solid hours, or fourteen solid hours on it that will more than make up for the downtime.

So, I will likely not be participating in any further Nose to the Rhinestone Challenges… but it was good to know I made it through one, just to see what it was like.


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