Day 26: Final Stages of Production Begin

Today I scheduled some more promo posts for Dirty South Burlesque‘s April Show that I am Solo Producing, A Burlesque Unlike Any Other.

I made a countdown for our Social Media Pages. Here’s a little collage of them, they’re going to be rolled out on Facebook this week until we get to Show Day.

This Producing has been exhausting. Producing it during this Challenge has perhaps made it just a little easier because it has allowed me to document it all and make sure nothing is missing… but still. Exhausting.

If I am going to continue as a Producer I’d like to either Produce small, regular shows that allow me to get into the groove of “same day, different show” OR… or or or, I’d like to Produce Large Shows infrequently with more through continuity and more artistic input on my end.

Ultimately though, I’d just like to produce in a more consistent manner in a vein Dirty South is more used to. Of course, after this show, if it is successful, this might BE a format Dirty South is more used to. Who knows?



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