Day 18: Ears to the Rhinestone?

Today I went back to Producing, because sometimes things need to get done. Today it was producing a promo video for our April Show. We need some moving footage since the patrons we’re trying to get into this show are not our normal fanbase, they don’t know us right out of the gate. Even if all we manage is a 30second sizzle reel, we need it to get people in the door.

So today I spent a WHOLE LOT of time (way more than I should’ve but I’m slightly indecisive sometimes) trying to find Royalty-Free Music for our video.
I don’t want someone else getting money for something we made. I’m usually not hairy about this (we don’t get money for our performance videos because we use other people’s music and that’s fair) but in this case, I’m building this with my own two hands and my own brain for OUR OWN Troupe and if we’re not going to make money off of it (cause we’re not a monetized account, though we probably should be) then no one is! So Ha!

Anyway, if you’ve never checked out the Youtube Audio Library you can right here: Youtube Audio Library

And if you’re not subscribed to Dirty South Burlesque & Cabaret’s Youtube Channel, you should be so go right on ahead! Dirty South Burlesque on Youtube

And that’s the grinding I did today.

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