Day 15 Nose to the Rhinestone: Post no Bills…

Today… today… man. I had to do some serious thinking today.I had to rework all of the design and branding for our upcoming show A Burlesque Unlike Any Other and make it work for print. It’s difficult to get all the info you want onto a Flyer that’s 4″x5″ or onto an 11″x17″ poster. It’s always been difficult and I’ve been creating posters since the early 90s.

Day 15 Pt 1

But this time I’m also trying to imitate the branding (without crossing copyright lines) of another company altogether. So trying to stay within brand of Dirty South, as well as within brand (to a point) of the other company… rough on my brain!

Day 15 Pt 2

But now I’m done and I have things to show for it. Eventually they will get printed and that’ll be great.


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