Day 14: You’d think juggling tits would be more fun…

Alright I had slightly more time today so I sat down with more of an eye to detail, put 25 rhinestones on the behind boob and noticed… 25 didn’t cover the same amount of space today as it did yesterday. Hot damn, I’d put them on too close together.
So I added ten more to today’s boob, and then went back and added ten more to the lacking boob.
Hopefully this balances them out better. My intent is to have the same number of stones on either side, give or take maybe one or two. TEN was not in the cards.
Spent a little more time at it today… I’ll get back on track probably on Tuesday to have a bit more time. We’ll see what happens. This bra should only take one or two more sit downs at any rate. 



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