Day 10: You Put Your Right Boob in…

Another day, another Boob!

Once more I’m being kept to 30mins of creativity for the day, so I decided to even up the boobs on my bra and add 50 more rhinestones since yesterday I did it to one side… the other must follow.
Eventually over the course of this month, as I mentioned, I intend to get this thing completely covered. Not encrusted, mind you *shudder* but well sparkled all over.

I also have plans for some other bits & Bobs that I want to get sparkled over this 30 days. We’ll see what happens, I bet I can make it all work in the end.

Day 10


Now I must rush off for “Bowling with Someone Else’s Co-Workers.” They’re good people, but it is truly as exciting as it sounds.


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