Day 9: OMG Seriously?! Creative Stuff!

Today I literally only had 30mins to devote to this Challenge. Today was a scheduled day to get things done for my Muggle Job. (Yes, I have a Muggle Job, does anyone need a Virtual Assistant? I do pretty much the same things you have seen me do for Dr. Sketchy’s Augusta and Dirty South Burlesque for other people, as well as much much more. I have a couple of spots still open for clients and you can certainly contact me about that) So I had to squeeze in just the bare minimum for my Nose to the Rhinestone.

Day 10
Yeah that line is gonna be crooked…


So I chose to… actually Rhinestone! The first truly non-Administrative thing I’ve done in this challenge so far!I needed to add some more jet to this work horse of a bra that gets used ALL the time. I’ve made it a goal of mine initially to just always add more rhinestones every time I pulled this bra out to use in an Act. But with this Challenge, I can definitely say I will get it to a level that could be considered complete by the time my 30 Days is up.

I only had just the barest of half hours for this, so I only managed to add 50 more stones to one boob. But I’ll get there! I really will!


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