Nose to the Rhinestone Day 8:

Day 8 and I swear to you that I am coming to the end of the onslaught of Non-Creative things that I have to do for the time being. But here’s one more in the Realm of Producer that HAS to be done.


Today’s Event of Grinding was Scheduling out Dirty South’s April Show Event on Facebook.


Day 8
You’re probably tired of my computer screen by now.


I’ll tell ya, trying to make a picture Facebook Event Cover-Compatible is nearly impossible nowadays. They change the daggum size every five minutes I think on purpose to make everyone’s posts look like shit. It drive me crazy but there it is. And now I’m done with that for now.


I don’t have to do another Producer-y thing for an entire DAY! I know, I know. Shocking. So tomorrow I have to do something creative… I wonder what I’ll get up to?

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