Day 6: Nose to the Rhinestone Challenge

To complete Day 6 of the Challenge I decided to get a little more Personal and share with you something I did for my Non-Princess Augusta (but not necessarily non-Burlesque), (still) Non-Performing, Teacher & Choreographer Aspects of my Personal Business.


I applied today to teach my workshop, Alternative Dance Styles for Musical Theatre, at both the South Carolina State and Florida State Theatre Conferences for 2017.

I taught this workshop to a small crowd of amazing people at the Georgia Theatre Conference in 2016 (and when they get their website rocking I’ll apply for that one as well for 2017) and to a HUGE crowd of 52 people at the Florida Theatre Conference in 2016.

It was a humbling and extremely rewarding experience last year to spend time with so many Theatre Professionals who had such great things to say about the state of our Art in both Georgia and Florida and I can only hope to be able to return to both those conferences as well as branch out to SC and continue on this venture that I’ve come to love so much!
Nose to the Rhinestone!

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