Day 5: Nose to the Rhinestone

Day 5 of Nose to the Rhinestone was a bit nicer to document than say, screen shots of my Production work on my Solo Producer Endeavor- it was much like documenting my clean and clear toes from yesterday. BUT the work is Producer-based.

I sat down at the library today (away from my laptop, a major distractor is making the internet 15″ wide in front of my face) and hand wrote several pages of updated Business Team and Artistic Team delineation for the Dirty South Burlesque Troupe Policy Book- Second Printing- LLC Edition.We have had a policy book for our Troupe since January 2016. It has actually worked pretty well in letting us implement some Guidelines and Stipulations for Show Submission and helped us get a handle on some out of control things that had built up over 7 years of the Troupe. Old habits had to die hard and new habits put in place and now we are beginning to thrive.
But the Troupe has changed now, in subtle ways and in major ways (namely, we need an LLC Edition of our Policy Book because we ARE an LLC now and have a Business Team) so the Handbook has to get a much-needed overhaul. Preferably before July when we start a new planning calendar for a new season of the Troupe.

So I’m starting now. Our current Policy Book is 40 pages-ish… 44 I think, too lazy to look it up right now.
I am going to try to cut it down to 40 pages in the necessary book (I know everyone thinks that is huge but it is just because I literally made one page for each topic originally for clarity’s sake) and a few Supplements here and there. LLC Edition, Stage MILF Edition… I think those cover it for now.

It ALWAYS takes a while to really settle into being a Business of any sort. But particularly being a Not-for-Profit Business that has to address things like Blue Laws and Copyright Infringement among all of the regular business-y things.

So this is what I did today. Almost one week of the Challenge down, and I’ve yet to do much Creative. But this is who I am right now. So I grind ahead!

2017-03-10 09.11.53

I’m obsessed with that pen, by the way.


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