Nose to the Rhinestone day 4

Day Four of Nose to the Rhinestone brings me to an interesting place.

I have been seated at my computer for three days, for hours on end, trying to get the latest Dirty South Burlesque & Cabaret Show videos edited, uploaded to Youtube and scheduled out to our Facebook Page.

It has been grueling, to say the least, when there’s upwards of 20 videos to process and the internet tends to be… adequate.

So today I decided to take another tactic to keep me working toward this goal every day!
Today, for Day 4 of Nose to the Rhinestone, I decided to indulge in some Self Care.

As my good friend Cait Byrnes says:

Self Care is Fucking Important!

I agree with her wholeheartedly on this point. I feel as if had I not done this today, I wouldn’t have made it to Day 5 of the Challenge.

AND!! And and and!! Part of this Self Care is related to my performance life! Ya’ll, I’ll be honest here, it was just necessary.

After the most recent Show, I left my finger and toenails in utter disrepair. I left black and rose gold nail polish on my fingernails too long to the point that when I took it off, my nails were shredded and had to be completely clipped. My toes were languishing with three week old silver polish on. So I tackled all of this today!

I sat down and removed all the gross toe polish, clipped my toenails and put on some nail brightener (this one, and NO that’s not an affiliate link of any sort, I only wish it was) and then hopped in the shower, filed my finger nails and slapped some on them as well!

I feel so much closer to functioning and human again now. I don’t look at my fingers and see nails I can’t feel confident in shaking someone’s hand with and I can actually LOOK at my toes instead of just ignoring them… cause face it, where I am it is already pretty much flip-flop weather.

Here’s a picture of my Ten Piggies all bright and shiny for today’s evidence!

Nose to the Rhinestone Day 4

Nose on!


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