Nose to the Rhinestone Days 1-3

I am branching out this March/April 2017 from my cozy hovel of Burlesque as a Performer and Troupe Co-Director and Co-Producer… into full on Solo Producing of a Show. A Big Show, a Special Event Show, something I’ve never done before.

So my Days 1-3 Entries of Nose to the Rhinestone are all getting posted at once because they are all the same thing. Collectively, over the past three days, I have spent about five hours getting the Video from our most recent show edited and posted to Youtube, then scheduled to release to our Social Media in advance of this special Show (that actually happens two days after Nose to the Rhinestone ends, on April 8th) for promotional purposes.

So here’s some screencaps of the process to show what I did. I’m still using Windows Movie Maker for these because it’s straightforward, but I want to learn different products for editing when I need more complicated Editing options.


Day 1- Let’s Edit those Videos



Day 2- Upload the videos to Youtube


Day 3- Get those Facebook Posts Scheduled Out!

So there’s that. Let’s see what the next few days bring. Probably a lot more Producer-related things than Performer-related things, but you never know.


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