Monthly Archives: March 2017

Day 25: Purchase to help me with the next five days!

In which I use coupons to get a great price on this thing…


Day 24: Dr. Sketchy’s for March 2017

I am so over this challenge, but- bright side! It was Dr. Sketchy’s Day.

Day 23: I actually did it but MAN it was a busy day…

Today I got down to the real nitty gritty of being a performer… practice.

Day 22: The Wind is OUT of my sails…

Today you get a video of another day’s finished product. Be grateful… you’ll be lucky if I make it to Day 30.

Day Number “Do I still Care?” (21)

Day 21: Finally posted the video I have been working on, scheduled it up for Social media and am rapidly losing interest in completing this Challenge…

And on the 20th Day… She rested. (Really just meaning no pictures)

Today I finished that sparkly menace that has been the Rhinestone Bra… Then I didn’t want to do another blessed thing, including not wanting to take a picture of it. So I am NOT taking a picture of it. Well, not today. I would rather model it than take one more picture off the side […]

Day 19: Quick & Dirty but beautiful, too.

This is a day I did the least amount of work possible but to a good effect, still.