Finally Creating New Interactions!

Allow me to explain  my need for this Wish List. (Link at bottom of Post)

There are several things I need to do this year, Performance-wise, that require money. I have two acts that need upgrading, and one new Act (one for sure, possibly two) that I would like to create.
I also have a Retro Swimsuit Photo Shoot coming up as soon as it is warm enough.
Last year, I’m going to level with everyone right here, I made less than $11,000. This is what happens when you try to work as a Volunteer for Non-Profits, while also trying to maintain a dead end part-time job or five. In actuality, most of that money came from private jobs I worked doing odd jobs and a good part-time job I had for the first eight months of the year. Unfortunately that job was a one-time contract job and the contract ran out.

So, because of this, and the fact that literally every penny I own either went back into work or into food, insurance and living conditions… my Burlesque suffered greatly in 2015. I was unable to create new costumes, I was unable to afford new accessories, and I was SUPER unhappy with everything that I turned out.


As a result of that, my Fans suffered. I stayed out of touch and vague about some things I was doing that could’ve been a lot of fun, but I was too embarrassed at the condition I was having to present things, I didn’t connect up the dots. So there are actually a few performances from last year that no one has seen.
I apologize for that. I am truly sorry.


I’m going to try something new for 2016. I know I have Fans who will never get to see me perform Live as long as I am stuck in my tiny corner of the Burlesque World. Consequently, if I don’t post videos, they never get to see me at all. That’s just sad for my Fans, sad for ya’ll. BUT, sad for me, if ya’ll can’t come see me, ya’ll can’t give me tips, ya’ll can’t give me ticket prices, ya’ll can’t contribute to my Burlesque Evolution.


So I created this Wish List. It currently has things I need to acquire in the first half of 2016 to make my Burlesque Journey work. This isn’t everything I need, this is everything I can’t afford to have. DeliveryCode is gracious in ways to donate as well. You can buy something from the list, you remain completely anonymous, as does my address. You can Vote for my list and I receive a dime for every Vote (please go do that.) You can just donate me money toward my goals without actually purchasing me anything specific so I can purchase things at my discretion.


What will happen when I receive these things? Well, I can begin to create a new act, I can have all of the Looks necessary for my Retro Swimwear Photo Shoot and I can revamp my two acts that need the overhaul this year. One of which is not on the internet publicly anywhere, the other of which there has never EVER been a good video of.
When I revamp these acts, I will be able to take pictures in the costumes that I am proud of. I will be able to take video of the acts that I am proud of. You, my Fans will get unprecedented access to my work, because I am no longer ashamed to have it recorded permanently.

If you lived where I perform, you’d come see me at $20 a show. So consider some of these items that are reasonably priced, your Admission Price for my ongoing Internet Show. Or donate money to my List. I have three major shows for which I create new acts, per year. Every one of my Fans who see me in person donate $60 toward my cause each year.
Do me a favor and participate in a small fashion. I can’t keep contributing without help. I just can’t.

Link right below this, until I figure out the Widget!! I really do love you! Thanks, ya’ll. xoxo- Princess Augusta



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