So it was requested I set up an Amazon Wish List…

A friend of mine asked me to create an Amazon Wish List for my Friends/Fans to send me things I might need or want for my Acts coming up in 2016.

So I did, and you can see that list right here:

The thing is, though, some people are having trouble sending me things, due to their wanting to remain anonymous, or my wanting to remain location-free on the internet.

So I think I have a solution, for now, anyway. If you want to send me something or want me to purchase something from my Wish List, and can’t seem to do it without giving me your address or it asking if you know mine- Send me An Amazon eGift Card.

If you send the eGift card and specify what item from my Wish List you would like me to purchase on your behalf- I definitely will. I’ll even include Tweeted pictures every now and then of the progress I am making with said props, costumes and awesome things.

Until a better solution comes around, if you have trouble sending me things, send an eGift card to

I can’t wait to see how this works out with some Fan Created Content!


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