Discordia Arts Challenge: Final Post

For your final journal entry, reflect on this experience. Did you grow? Did you push yourself? Which of the tasks was the most difficult, the most fun, the most helpful in your personal dance journey? Did this challenge help you move out of your comfort zone, and how? Anything else that you would like to add.

This Challenge was interesting for me. I was unable to take part in it as fully as I would’ve liked due to both Business and Personal Issues that prevented me from stepping out of my normal routine at first, and then prevented me from participating in my normal routine at the end. I did not get to try as many classes/styles that were out of my Comfort Zone as I would’ve liked. I did not get to make very many (if any, I’m writing this before I get the chance to make ONE last attempt to video some of the exercises) videos to earn more points for things I would’ve gladly shared with the group. Doing most of this Challenge from the Road was definitely interesting, just to start this off.

But what did I learn? What did I take away from this? Something VERY important.

I need to analyze my Dance Practice more often. I need to analyze my Performance Beliefs and Practices more often. I need to sit down and put myself in my OWN shoes and see where I stand and what needs to expand, decrease, be more practiced, be more spontaneous, and just really take the time to look at every aspect of what I bring to the table as a Student and Performer and be loving but honest with myself about what’s going on.
I have learned, through this time, more about what I think of myself when I see videos of my performances. I’ve learned more about what I think and feel while I am trying to work through a particular theme for choreography, or boundaries that I’ve (or a particular show/performance) have placed on me to work within. I’ve learned how I feel about myself when I get stuck, or don’t live up to my own expectations, and I’ve learned how to deal with those thoughts and feelings without disrupting my own confidence.

So overall the takeaway from this Challenge is that if I want to continue to grow, I have to continue to tend my practice. And I’m sure I can do that. As long as I am mindful of the need to.
Thanks to the Ladies of Discordia Arts for this challenging, and productive time!


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