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Discordia Arts Challenge: Final Post

For your final journal entry, reflect on this experience. Did you grow? Did you push yourself? Which of the tasks was the most difficult, the most fun, the most helpful in your personal dance journey? Did this challenge help you move out of your comfort zone, and how? Anything else that you would like to […]

Discordia Arts Journal #4: Self critique and analysis.

Watch a video of yourself dancing (if you don’t have a performance video, use your camera or phone to tape a quick improv and use that). Critique yourself. Be honest, but be kind. Imagine that the person on the video is another dancer who has asked you for feedback but is not you.   I […]

Discordia Arts Challenge Journal Prompt #3:

**Choose 3 words that describe you as a dancer. Explain your choices.   ***Imagine that there are 2 more words that could describe you as a dancer, but you just haven’t reached them yet. What are they? Explain your choices. (If you want to take it further, explore what you may need to do to […]