What is the BEST Thing about Being Me?

What are the best things about being “Princess Augusta- Up and Coming Burlesque Performer?”
Really, I would have to say that there are only two great things about being me, but they are the greatest things that a Princess could ask for. So let me expand upon these two things, and you can understand how amazing it is to be a Performer.
1- I work with, and have met, AMAZING people. People of all types, both Performers and Non-Performers. I have met people who are Fans, people who are would-be competition (but never in a nasty way) and people who have SO MUCH nothing to do with what I do. I’ve met politicians, doctors, nurses, starving artists, successful artists, stay-at-home parents, unemployed no-prospect moochers… they’ve all had a positive impact on my life as a Performer. I’ve worked with Drag Queens, dancers, singers, actors, circus performers, puppets, DJs, animals, children and more. Every person I have met has contributed to the Art that I turn out. There’s nothing better than encouraging, loving, inspirational people surrounding you at every turn. It makes me realise that there’s lots of honor and circular inspiration in being the Artist(s), and the Audience.
2- The opportunities afforded to me as a Performer. I have raised money for multiple charities, I’ve competed, I’ve performed for fun. I’ve been in large theatres, small theatres, hole-in-the–wall clubs, nice venues, outdoors, I’ve been (more often than not) unpaid, at least once or twice been paid… there are so many things that have happened. I’ve performed fully rehearsed and entirely improvised. It is SUCH a character building opportunity to be an establishing Performer and having to perform anywhere I feel is worthy; sometimes even places/times I’ve had to be convinced that it was a worthy cause.
What does this mean for you, reading this blog? Don’t be afraid to be an Amateur. I am pretty much still an Amateur, I just get a lot of opportunity to exercise my craft. If someone asks you to perform, and you know they are aware of your status as a relative beginner, that doesn’t mean they want you to fail. It means that they want you to succeed, so they are giving you a chance to show your stuff.
If you meet people, listen to them. Listen to the praise AND the critique. If it isn’t mean-spirited, you can certainly learn from it. You can learn what your audience liked, you can learn what your fellow Performers like, both about themselves and about you. You can learn what they dislike, there’s no shame in that.
As you climb through the ranks, be sure to stay humble and remember, the two best things you will encounter (in this Princess’ Opinion anyway) are the people you meet and the opportunities you find.


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